The Best Smart Blinds for Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit

Ask anyone about their smart blinds and you’ll hear plenty of reasons why they love them. Some people rave about the privacy benefits they offer by reliably disconnecting every night. Others tout its environmental benefits: Avoiding the sun means less AC use and lower energy bills. However, most people appreciate the ability to close their blinds every night and wake up to see them open naturally in the morning.
That’s why when we reviewed the best smart blinds, we looked for products that are easily compatible with your smart home products, while ensuring they meet your needs to make your life easier and your home smarter.

For those looking for the simplicity and convenience of smart blinds for everyday use, Lutron’s Serena is your solution. From the very beginning, you can request a free in-home consultation and receive fabric samples. Once you place your order, personalization is in your hands: you’ll choose from over 100 fabric types or color combinations and receive the exact measurements for your windows. Then, when the product arrives, you can install it yourself or have the help of a professional. Serena shades feature more than a dozen smart technologies, including hard-to-find compatibility with Logitech Harmony and Sonos home audio systems, as well as four smart thermostat systems. If you have one and want to use it, you can use Lutron. Also, if you don’t already use a third party center, they have their own.
Once set up, operating the Serena by Lutron smart blind system is intuitive and multi-factorial. Smart voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa can control your blinds with just a few words. At the same time, application control allows you to configure more complex procedures. Serena smart wood blinds can use Serena’s Daylight Optimizing feature, which controls the blinds based on the position of the sun and time of day, updating with the seasons. Finally, there is a standard remote control that allows even guests to easily move the blinds. This secure wireless remote control can also be wall-mounted and acts more like a switch, making it easy to use.
While Lutron’s Serena smart blinds can meet the diverse needs of almost every customer, their higher price tag can be a problem for shoppers on a budget. However, their long-term value and superior smart features make smart blinds worth the money and may even save you money in the long run.
Finally, Lutron Serena Shades seamlessly integrates with major smart home ecosystems such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit for smooth, convenient control. Whether it’s voice commands, procedures or automated features, these blinds are the ideal choice for smart shading solutions. Choose Serena blinds from Lutron for elegance, advanced technology and unmatched convenience.
Who’s It For: This is a great option for people who want to easily control multiple blinds over a larger area.
Control these smart blinds using a remote control, app or voice commands. They allow you to control up to 16 blinds at once, depending on your final configuration. The remote control allows you to easily adjust individual blinds or control them centrally. App control offers advanced features that allow you to automatically open or close your blinds when entering and leaving your home, or perform smart actions such as waking up at your local sunrise time. To exit the app and control it directly from your Google Home device, you’ll need an additional Bluetooth hub, but other than that, setup is pretty straightforward.
Made from blackout polyester and sheer fabric, these blinds are designed to protect privacy while allowing natural light into the room and providing up to 90% blackout. When closed, these blinds effectively block harmful UV rays to provide a protective barrier. In the partially open position, the interior is softly illuminated. Fully open, the blinds allow bright sunlight into the room, creating a variety of ambience options to suit your preferences.
Why you should buy it: Get one of the easiest and most effective Alexa integrations in smart blinds.
Who’s it for: Ideal for people who want careful control over the aesthetics and functionality of their blind.
SmartWings redefines customization by providing an unprecedented range of available options during the ordering process. Blinds are sized to the nearest eighth of an inch, and everything from the trim (top) to the bottom rail of the blind can be customized to your liking. There is a lot of freedom, and additional accessories (such as a solar charger) can also be ordered directly during checkout. This transparency prevents unexpected “bonus” fees from occurring after an order is placed. This will be a treat for those who like choice and control. Others will certainly bear the burden of choice.
These blinds can be easily controlled using connected Alexa devices. Note that SmartWings also works with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other brands, but we found that it works best with Alexa devices. With Alexa, you can conveniently automatically schedule blind start and close times and issue commands on demand. There is also a remote control with which you can adjust the blinds on one window or control all the blinds at the same time. Finally, the intuitive app also supports many functions and direct control capabilities.
These smart curtains also feature a built-in USB-C rechargeable battery for increased security and versatility. They are ideal for a variety of interiors such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining rooms and commercial spaces.

These blinds are controlled using the included remote control and can be easily operated with the touch of a button. Or, for more convenience, you can also use the IKEA Home app to control them. Their comfortable design makes them ideal for family members with limited mobility, such as grandpa, or for people with limited upper body mobility. Blinds also effectively filter light and reduce reflections from TV and computer screens, increasing the overall comfort of the room.

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Post time: Jan-17-2024