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When Shark Tank India contestant Niti Singhal promoted her clothing brand on the show, she was heavily criticized by Ashneer Grover.The BharatPe co-founder made no secret of telling her that she should stop wasting time on her brand, Twee In One, and instead sell lehengas with her mother.For Ms Singhal, retribution came when Ashneer Grover’s wife was later spotted wearing one of her designs on the Kapil Sharma Show.
Twee In One is a brand that makes reversible and convertible clothing.The brand’s founder, Niti Singhal, was one of 198 entrepreneurs who had the opportunity to present their ideas on Shark Tank India – a show where entrepreneurs present their business ideas in front of investors to convince them to invest in them company of.
When Ms Singhal presented her business idea on the show, Ashneer Grover’s reaction was overwhelming.”Bahut hi ganda fashion hai ye. No one is going to wear this in my house. Aap ye band kar do (this is really bad fashion. No one is going to wear this in my house. You should turn it off),” he told her.
As it turns out, someone in Mr. Grover’s family did end up wearing the Twee In One design.His wife Madhuri Jain Grover was recently spotted wearing a Singhal women’s dress at the Kapil Sharma show.
The entire incident was condensed into a short video, which Twee In One shared on their Instagram this Monday, while thanking Madhuri Grover for believing in their work.
The video attracted hundreds of funny comments.”This is the height of doglapan,” wrote one Instagram user, referring to a phrase used by the BharatPe co-founder on the show.”It’s epic,” another said, adding a smiley emoji.
Madhuri Jain Grover also responded to the video, thanking the brand for the dress.According to the Times of India, the dress was given to her by Ms Singhal when they came up with the idea for the Shark Tank.
“Thank you for the dress. I don’t think sharks like skirts on the side panels, both you and the model wore great dresses. Keep up the good work and good luck with your career!” Ms Grover wrote in the comments section.
Ashneer Grover earlier shared a photo from The Kapil Sharma Show of his wife wearing a Twee In One Dress.Below is a detailed look at the reversible dress Ms Grover wore at the Kapil Sharma show.
On Shark Tank India, Ashneer Grover told Niti Singhal that she should sell lehengas with her mother as it might be more profitable.The fashion designer said she was not intimidated by the criticism.”There’s been critical feedback for a long time for the kind of product I have,” she was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.”I’m used to it. Even fashion mentors have said harsh things over the years. So I’ve been criticized, certainly not as harshly as Ashneer.
“But since I’ve had it, it’s made me cheeky. I believe in my product, so I have the confidence to face all the criticism,” she added.
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Post time: Feb-08-2022