International Apparel & Textile Fair

International Apparel & Textile Fair is a bi-annual event dedicated to the apparel and textile industry. IATF has evolved as a leading brand for buyers in the MENA region to source the best textiles, fabrics, accessories and prints from international mills. With exhibitors from all over the world, this fair has now become an indispensable business platform and order fair in the industry, where suppliers, buyers and designers matches. Declared as pure fair for trade event it offers a wide range of highly innovative and creative fabrics with an excellent price-performance ratio. The exhibition focuses on clothing, fabrics and materials for fashion, home and industrial materials. It convinces with innovative structures, mixing of materials and a variety of color palettes. In addition to establishing business contacts, the exhibition gives visitors and exhibitors a flood of new trends and the ability to handle all materials and feel, making this event a special experience.

Honoured interested parties, due to the effects of the corona virus, the fair will be postponed to this new date.

On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 3 days of the fair, from 02. April to 04. April 2019, about 600 exhibitors and 15000 visitors on the International Apparel and Textile Fair in Dubai.

For the twelfth time there is the International Apparel and Textile Fair on 3 days from Sun., 28.11.2021 to Tue., 30.11.2021 in Dubai.

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Post time: Dec-08-2021