These Spring/Summer Dress 2022 fashion hits will inspire your look beautiful

There’s an easy way to decide what to buy and what trends to follow this summer – just watch the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Ads.You’ll notice that the brand’s imagery often highlights specific shoes, handbags, or even full-fledged runway shows that they predict will be popular this season.Themes like minimalism (note Moschino’s elephant-sleeve dress) and cheerful colors (see Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes) will continue to play out in 2022, and the fashion house has used its top muses to show off the designs.
Take Prada, for example, who shot the Spring/Summer 22 campaign for actor Hunter Schafer.(Euphoria season 2 officially returns this week, FYI.) Schafer starred in the campaign while wearing a new look from the Spring ’22 show: a lace-up leather shirt with black shorts.Meanwhile, UGG has hired iconic entertainer Cher in all its forms to present its 2022 ad.The power of celebrity talent to lure you to a campaign cannot be ignored.
In addition to offering ads for the main clothing inspo, they also offer you the ultimate escape from the winter blues.Picture yourself a tropical getaway in a white midi dress, or a summer wedding reception in a black cutout gown (thank you, Michael Kors).Before revealing too much, scroll forward to see all the Spring/Summer ’22 campaigns and keep an eye out for trends.
Prada’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign continues to explore the theme of Prada’s previous runway shows: desire and sensuality in fashion.The new photos, shot by photographer David Sims, capture the fashion house’s muses, such as actor Hunter Schafer and model Julia Nobis, as they dress and undress.In one scene, Schafer wears a leather shirt, while in another, Nobis shows off the low waist of her skirt.The photos capture intimate moments between people and clothing, while acknowledging the sensuality inherent in Spring ’22 pieces.
Designer Michael Kors has no qualms about using New York City as his haven for fashion inspiration.For its brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign, Kors hired photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin to shoot Kendall Jenner on the roof of Manhattan’s Prospect Tower.Jenner posed at the base of the Tudor City logo, the imagery paying homage to the power and timeless romance of New York City.”When I think about lasting things, it’s love — romantic love, but also love for your friends, your family and your city,” Coles said in a statement.”Through this campaign, we hope to juxtapose urban romance and the strength and courage of New York City with the unique juxtaposition of the love it inspires time and time again.”
For UGG’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign, it’s all about feelings.The lifestyle brand enlisted global superstar entertainer and humanitarian Cher to star in the new ad, while wearing iconic silhouettes from UGG (classic mini boots and Coquette slippers to be exact).”Your ‘feel’ is the most authentic part of you as a person,” Cher said in the release.”I chose to be an artist. But the hardest part was succeeding and failing in front of the world…I’ve been through my life with people who either hate me or love me; I mean, you want to be loved, But in the end it was like ‘fuck it.’” The singer was photographed at her Malibu home by Neil Favila as she spoke to the camera about her career, her passion for the planet, and her wisdom to be herself .
The Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2022 campaign includes a series of images (shot by photographer Hugo Comte) and a video by director Amalia Ulman.The point is to bring you into the Mediterranean world.The thought of planning your next seaside escape and planning the outfits you’ll be wearing will temporarily help you escape the winter blues.If you’re not sure what to wear, just look at what the models are wearing for inspiration.Ferragamo makes woven mules and silk pieces a must-have in your travel bag.
If you’ve seen Moschino’s show last season, you’ll recognize its runway show in its Spring/Summer 2022 campaign.The collection is an homage to the encounter between “lunch ladies” and “nursery rhymes,” so in designer Jeremy Scott’s own words: “It’s baby lady.” In an interview with Vogue, Scott said his seasonal lineup also Influenced by The Nanny, because “Fran Drescher wears so much Franco Moschino, the iconic little suit, that’s the brand and the icon of that moment.” Scott kept the image of the Spring/Summer collection straight – let the clothes speak for themselves.

Post time: Jan-11-2022