This Black Woman Shows Glamour and Power in Jamaica's 'Flying Dress Experience'

If the soul needs Caribbean vacations, sunny days and nights filled with reggae music, the island nation of Jamaica certainly has it all.
Now, imagine the beauty of a silk dress rippling in the wind against the backdrop of a verdant hillside, a crystal clear river or a white sand beach on the edge of a turquoise sea.This prestigious flying costume experience on the Greek island of Santorini and other European countries inspired Chrisan Hunter to not only introduce “original flying costumes” to her home country, but to provide more opportunities for women near and far.
Hunter, a native of Montego Bay, worked as a wedding planner at a local resort before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the loss of many jobs, including hers.Since then, the size of the wedding has shrunk dramatically, and the pandemic has provided the young woman with many business ideas.Although risky, the idea for Hunter to create the flying gown stemmed from her decision to start her own photography gown rental business.
“We really didn’t have anything like this in Jamaica at the time, and I think it was genius to bring that experience here,” Hunter said in an interview with Essence.”I know women will love it because it’s an opportunity to be captured in a stunning dress with the picturesque scenery of our island. It also helps a lot of women because renting a dress for a photo shoot is better than buying a dress and never wearing it again It’s much easier not to,” she added.
HerDress Jamaica offers a wide range of custom and designer clothing rentals for any occasion – engagements, maternity, anniversaries, birthdays, and even vacation photos.These dresses come in a variety of colors and sizes up to 3x.The team is dedicated to helping women look great at affordable prices, starting at $250 and based on photographer’s rates.
As a small business, HerDress Jamaica strives to differentiate itself from similar European competitors, including Greece.
“The HerDress Jamaica experience starts from the first moment of contact. We take the stress out of our clients trying to figure everything out on their own. We help clients find the perfect gown based on the type of shoot. They have many talented photographers to choose from. We provide transportation, locations, makeup artists and assistants to get our clients dressed and provide guidance throughout the shoot,” Hunter explained in the interview.
Acceptance of the experience has soared so far, which has propelled Black-owned businesses higher than expected.In just over a year of operation, 300 customers in Jamaica and the U.S. participated in an empowering experience.
“The HerDress experience is more than just posing for the camera in fancy dress,” Hunter said.”We made sure they all felt beautiful and had memories that will last a lifetime.”
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Post time: Jan-08-2022