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After two years of uncertainty, local business owner Holly Pirrie is planning a business year ahead for Pageant Girl and The Dress Studio, both severely impacted by Covid-19 – although still able to support charity Causes raised over £50,000!
Like many, the Culcheth-based business in Warrington had to stop trading for much of the pandemic.
Director Holly said: “Our business is entirely reliant on bringing people together. Our pageants are live events, they are fun, make new friends and make memories – with the audience…it’s like a big party. But, These can’t happen in 2020 or the first half of 2021. People have been suggesting that I have virtual meetings, but for me, it’s not going to be close to the same. I spoke to the pageant finalists and they all agreed that they all want to be on stage Get up with your body – embrace that special moment!”
Holly and her team have been waiting and finally from July 2021 they will be able to host their events, including Miss Teen England.
“It’s been a hectic six months, going from 0 to 100 overnight. I was worried we might not be able to catch them, but we did – it was worth the wait.”
Holly also runs a prom dress supermarket, The Dress Studio in Culcheth, Warrington.Likewise, business came to a complete halt as proms were postponed or cancelled in 2020.
“My friends would say, you can sell clothes online…but our problem is that no one needs these skirts because we can barely leave the house. I do go through all the different worries and concerns for business, but when we can When it reopens in 2021, it’s going to be awesome, prom is back and everyone is ready to party.” The Dress Studio is now gearing up for prom 2022.With hundreds of dresses in their store, they know that the 2022 Prom will be an event everyone will remember!There are more than 30 changing rooms in the store, which are spacious.
“After our two years, students deserve the best proms and parties. I’m so excited to see all their happy faces coming into the store and I know 2022 will be special for them,” Holly added road.
The company has raised over £550,000 for charities of their choice, including Christie and Short Lives Together.They have continued fundraising throughout the pandemic, raising more than £50,000 – a campaign they plan to run until 2022.
For anyone looking to enter the pageant, you can visit All events are held in the North West and you can be 11 years or older – there is no age limit!
“If you want to try new things, pageants are a great opportunity, whether you want to build confidence or make new friends, it’s a really fun experience,” added Holly, herself a former Miss England finalist , is also a former crown holder of various beauty pageants.
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Post time: Jan-20-2022